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PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society)

In Philadelphia, we are fortunate to have an organization dedicated to homeless and at-risk animals. PAWS is our city's largest rescue partner. They are providers of basic, low cost, veterinary services for pet owners and rescue organizations who might not otherwise have access to care.

Each year, thousands of animals find loving homes through their no-kill shelters and foster care network.

VSEC Lend-A-Paw Foundation

Our association with VSEC (Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center) has been long and rewarding. From an emergency situation with our Caroline to long-term care during our Frieda's battle with lymphoma, everyone at VSEC was exceptional. The Lend-A-Paw Foundation assists families who might not otherwise be able to afford all of the care needed for their pet.

Long Dogs and Friends Rescue

As some of you already know, our Frieda was a rescue from the South. She came to Long Dogs through a friend of Janet and Ed Tobin, the founders of this organization. Over the years they have found loving and forever homes for hundreds of Dachshunds and other small dogs. Their love and commitment to a cause so dear to us, is both tireless and unwavering.