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Looking Forward

Sometimes you find yourself at a place on the road you are traveling that offers you a choice. We arrived at that place in 2015.  Our business had been good to us. Great relationships had been formed. Things were comfortable and familiar. Opening our own shop, online, would mean going in a very different, and unfamiliar, direction. We talked. We talked with our friends. We knew that we would face unknown surprises, some good, some not so good. It was a leap of faith, but we believed our coats, leads, collars and harnesses, in combination with the core values of our company, would make our new venture a success.


It has been a journey with unexpected twists and turns, but one we are glad we made. The direct contact with our customers has been very rewarding. They have shared heartwarming stories and new ideas. We have laughed and cried together.


And so, as our journey continues, our commitment to you remains. Designs that are timeless, unrivaled attention to detail and the comfort of your best friend. We will keep them safe from the elements.


Thank you for visiting our store. We love hearing from you and are always available to answer any question, or concern, you might have.