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Fabric "Hand"

It's a poorly kept secret that we do everything possible to bring our customers as close to our products as possible. It's one thing to see pictures of a luxuriously crafted Italian wool. It's a completely different thing to experience the feel of said wool. And while the internet is a splendid resource for retail, it has yet to solve this issue of the customer experience. The closest we could come to conveying it is through our descriptions.

Recently, we've received correspondence from customers asking us what is meant by a "fabric hand" in the description of some of our coats. The term refers to how the fabric feels against your skin. Words like soft, stiff, heavy and nimble come to mind. And while they're good for a certain purpose, we think "hand" really makes that connection between reading the description and having the experience.

Cordura®, for instance, is a fabric that comes in many different weights (called, denier, in the industry) for different uses. We chose a weight which would make our barn coat durable while still having a suppleness for the comfort of your dog.

And we believe this service does double duty for our customers. Now, if you use the term "hand" when you next shop for fabric, you'll be sure to look like a design-industry insider.