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Canine Couture Collection Matures

During the years following that first trade show, our wholesale business continued to grow. We sold to  local pet stores, such as Braxton's Animal Works in Wayne, PA, and to others across the USA as well as in Canada and Europe. We were even asked to make a special Christmas coat for Neiman Marcus


We found a small manufacturer in Philadelphia to handmake our coats. (Suzanne and the Singer sewing machine couldn't keep up!)  A person whose commitment to superior workmanship aligned perfectly with ours. The sewers, who still work with him, make our coats to this day. We know them all. Important, because we would never allow quantity to replace quality of either workmanship or fabric. We added new coat designs as well as new fabrics to address different climates during different seasons.


A couple of our new designs seemed perfect for matching collars, leads and harnesses. We had no expertise in this area, but had been fortunate enough to spend time with Alice Nichols, owner of Up Country, at trade shows. She shared our values. Her factory was in Rhode Island. Would she be willing to make them for us? She said yes. Suzanne designed them and, with the invaluable help of everyone at Up Country, our new line was born. This relationship continues. Priceless.