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The Story of our Style and Design

In 1993, I began the search for a good winter coat for our seventeen-year old dog, Vroma. She had worn sweaters until then because at the time there were limited options in dog apparel. She had always hated to put her legs through the holes in her sweater and as she aged, it had become uncomfortable for her.

The coats that I found were not designed for the shape of a dog. They were boxy and made from poor quality fabric, which did not provide the warmth I was looking for. Some had straps that had to be buckled while others had belts that had to be threaded through D-ring fasteners. Not user or dog friendly.

Why not make a coat for her? I could use high quality fabric. Stylish, warm, comfortable. Covering areas that needed protection. Hook and loop closures would make putting it on and taking it off easy.

Many measurements were taken and prototypes created. I wanted Vroma's coat to fit like we expect our coats to fit. The last prototype did just that.

Unfortunately, we lost Vroma before she had a chance to wear her coat. Our company was founded in her memory. I think that you will agree with our loyal customers who find our coats to have great fit flexibility, choice of fabrics and ease of use. They're handmade here in Philadelphia. We know the sewers and we proudly stand behind the quality of their workmanship.